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What would help us sell more?

Someone asked me a question this week: What do we, as a company, need to do to sell more to our customers? 

What could they arm their reps with to sell more to new and old customers alike?

More promo's? They'd already given away over $600,000 in total stock in the past three months. Yes, they'd sold more product, but wanted more return, or GP.

Lower prices? He actually said we're already on a race to the bottom due to the competition doing the same. It's not ideal, but they need to compete in a market where everyone is dropping prices for market share.

Freebies? Again, like the promo's, it involved giving product away. Even something like a calendar was deemed over the top, or not worth the investment.

So what's the answer? 

You've probably figured, the company is a huge, worldwide operation. And yet even they were struggling for answers. So, this is where you need to go back to basics — to the very start of what it is you do. Or, more importantly, what you do differently.


They compete against similar large, professional manufacturers, as well as several smaller "new" companies. And the more we talked, the more I realised they had something incredible going for them. Their products are always made to the original manufacturers' specification and approvals. It turns out they never, ever deviate from that standard of quality.

But most of the others don't!

To meet the approvals and specifications, set by an original manufacturer, is expensive to do; hence why a lot of other companies don't have them tested and approved.

As he rightly pointed out, if they don't make it to exactly match what is required, there is no warranty for the end user. Boom!

So that's their Unique Selling Proposition.

Without badmouthing the opposition, they can concentrate on offering the very best products and service, and advertise with complete peace of mind. If their product is slightly higher-priced, it should be. No question. Own the price if it's warranted.

So all marketing, and training, should be centred around their (almost) unique position in the market. Their customers are covered by warranty whenever they buy from them. Realistically, that should be worth more. 

And even when Joe Bloggs is able to knock up a similar product in his back yard and sell it for less? Give them enough rope... they'll disappear.

More soon, it's a very busy time.

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

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