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About Me

My background

Based in Australia, and specialising in social media & marketing, website & brochure copy.

Let me look at your business, show me where it is now and where you want it to go, and I'll write the copy you need to get there.

My writing roots

From the love of communication, and a constant need to learn, I decided to use my copywriting skills to help give businesses like yours a necessary edge.

I write constantly, for business and pleasure, which is important for both us.

I also write poems for the Best Man. Seriously. Need a speech? Get in touch.

My style

Take the positives of every situation, and convert that into beautifully conversational, social media savvy, sales copy. 

Boom, you're selling!

This is a new era, people don't want to be forced into buying stuff they don't need. Grab their attention, talk to them like a friend, and sell to them like it was their idea.

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