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So there are two reasons I can think of, right now, that are stopping you achieve your marketing goals:

  • You're time-poor. But that's business, isn't it? Flat out trying to do what you do, rather than pushing it in front of an admiring public. The double-edged sword of do I stop what I'm doing, to try and get more customers, or cater for the ones I have that are keeping me busy... for now.
  • You have amazing ideas, products or services to sell, but don't have the words required to get it down on paper. This is all too common. I've worked with super intelligent people, that leave me bewildered with their incredible thought processes. They're better than machines, fine-tuning their businesses to work faultlessly and, maybe more importantly, profitably. But, for whatever reasons, struggle to tell the world about it.

The Story

Everyone has a story to tell. There's always something that inspires, allowing people to warm to you. And telling the world about how you got there, how your business came alive, and how you can help them is going to blow their minds. 

For example:

"This is Smith's Auto Services. We fix cars. Payment in full before pickup."

It's to the point. You know what they do. The payment issue is fair enough, but off-putting. 


"Welcome to Smith's Auto Services. I'm Jeff Smith, and with modern dealership experience, we can offer specialist servicing for all makes and models, at realistic prices. We appreciate some car repairs can be very expensive, so let's concentrate on keeping you and your family safe first, and take care of the not so important stuff further down the line. With a young family myself, I know exactly how difficult it can be to juggle finances. With a clean waiting room, kid's toys, coffee, and Wi-Fi, we're looking forward to changing your perception when it comes to car repairs."

That makes quite a difference. There's a story, you learn a little about the owner himself, and his family. It feels as though you're going to be looked after, which is important when you're handing over what could be your second largest asset for repair. It builds trust, it's optimistic, and may save you money.

Your business needs customers. How you get them is down to you, and how you're perceived.

A simple writeup like that, on your website or Facebook page etc., continues to work long after it's been put online. Get it right from the start and it builds and builds, for no extra cost.

So let's make you, and your business, attractive to the people that count.

Looking forward to working with you...

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

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Based in Australia, and specialising in social media & marketing, website & brochure copy.

Let me look at your business, show me where it is now and where you want it to go, and I'll write the copy you need to get there.

My writing roots

From the love of communication, and a constant need to learn, I decided to use my copywriting skills to help give businesses like yours a necessary edge.

I write constantly, for business and pleasure, which is important for both us.

I also write poems for the Best Man. Seriously. Need a speech? Get in touch.

My style

Take the positives of every situation, and convert that into beautifully conversational, social media savvy, sales copy. 

Boom, you're selling!

This is a new era, people don't want to be forced into buying stuff they don't need. Grab their attention, talk to them like a friend, and sell to them like it was their idea.

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