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Rock Bottom, and Up!

Hitting rock bottom can be a very defining moment in your life, possibly cliched, definitely true.

Looking at it from one point of view, you might say that that's where I'm going to stay. Unhappy, depressed, that's my lot. It's easier to wallow in it.

The other point of view is there is only one way, and that's back up. Doing what you do best, but better. Improving everyday. 

It seems I may have hit rock bottom during the last couple of years, and then bounced a few times for good measure. Which is actually ok, because it's an amazing time to learn a few things about yourself. And that I did.

Like what really matters. What we want to achieve. And how we're going to achieve them. 

And the biggest thing to overcome through all this, is fear. Fear of failure. 

We hear that all the time from great speakers around the world. And it's bloody true. If we think back to being a child, anything was possible. I would look at a space rocket in a How-it-works book, and want to build one. A real rocket. With liquid hydrogen and oxygen, they must be easy to get hold of. I can do it. 

And though it may have been a bridge too far as a child, I believed I could do it.

But adulthood tends to let little things get in your head, telling you that you're not good enough, you don't deserve this. Family, friends and competitors can inadvertently do that to you. 

The strongest minds don't let that happen, though even the greatest athletes in the world need help from coaches. It's very empowering when no one can put doubt in your mind, and having the right people around you can help, but you must have belief. In you.

It's where I am now, belief in myself, and knowing that every single setback is really just a solution waiting to be realised.

I'm looking forward to working with you, and writing your story. Your business is going to thrive, because you deserve it, and I absolutely know it.

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

Ben Vaughan — Conversational Copywriter

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Based in Australia, and specialising in social media & marketing, website & brochure copy.

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From the love of communication, and a constant need to learn, I decided to use my copywriting skills to help give businesses like yours a necessary edge.

I write constantly, for business and pleasure, which is important for both us.

I also write poems for the Best Man. Seriously. Need a speech? Get in touch.

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Take the positives of every situation, and convert that into beautifully conversational, social media savvy, sales copy. 

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This is a new era, people don't want to be forced into buying stuff they don't need. Grab their attention, talk to them like a friend, and sell to them like it was their idea.

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